February 6, 2017

Featured Project: Optimas


The fasteners division of Anixter International was acquired by private equity in early 2015. Armed with nothing other than a new name—Optimas—they required a comprehensive global branding program to excite their team, instill confidence within the minds of their customers, and support growth by opening doors to new opportunities.


Following a period of immersive research and positioning strategy, the One Design Team team created the core elements of Optimas’ new brand program within two months, in time to meet legal deadlines for launch.

Over the next sixteen months we brought every aspect of their brand ecosystem to life—from sales strategy and communications material to environmental and tradeshow design to digital experience, motion work, advertising and beyond.

One Design Scope
• Brand strategy and positioning
• Identity
• Messaging platform
• Global brand standards
• Facility branding
• Fleet branding
• Digital strategy and online presence
• Sales team training
• Tradeshow and event design
• Motion and print advertising